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Nano Tape

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Are you troubled with messy small objects? Are you still worried about the wall damage caused by the pendant?

This nano double sided tape can solve your problems. It is ultra sticky and will not damage the attached surface. The nano double sided heavy duty tape can replace traditional fixing methods that damage the wall such as screws and electric welding.

The nano adhesive tape is easy to use, it can be widely used in home, office, kitchen and bathroom and even cars. It's suitable for fixing posters, carpets, pictures, pen holders, hooks, wall decorations, etc.

Most importantly, the double sided nano can be reused after washing and drying.


Nano Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty Transparent Poster Tape Adhesive Strong Sticky Mounting Tape

How to use

  1. Clean the surface to which you want to stick. ✔
  2. Cut the tape to the appropriate size and paste it.✔
  3. Peel off the protective film before use. ✔

The tape is reusable - If the tape surface becomes dusty, wash it in water and air-dry it or blow-dry it with a hairdryer after washing.

Multipurpose Wall Tape


1. Please note that it is not recommended to use this tape on painted walls, unstable walls, rough walls, powdery walls, wet surfaces or uneven surfaces. As our double-sided adhesive is incredibly sticky, improper use can cause surface damage.

2. Ensure that the contact surface of the sticky gel pads is kept clean and dry. Press down hard and hold for 20 seconds after sticking.

3. How to remove -- Using hot air from a hair dryer will soften the tape and make it easier to remove.Then you can use a sharp tool to slowly lift the tape from one side and then slowly peel the tape off the surface of the object.

4. To avoid damage, do not use the tape to hold heavy objects or valuables.

5. Can be air-dried or blow-dried with a hairdryer after washing, DO NOT use any other wipes or detergent.

6. Keep this product out of the reach of children.

7. Store in a normal cool environment. If the tape is directly or indirectly exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period, the colour of the tape’s surface may turn yellow and the tape may stick to the packaging bag. However, yellowing of the tape will not affect the normal use of the product.

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Customer Reviews

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Blanca Rowe

The goods are delivered quickly. Seller good. Everything is done qualitatively. Thank you seller! I advise everyone.

Elizabeth Williamson

Good and convenient, thanks to the seller for the excellent product!!!

Cletus Larson

Shipping was faster than expected, the product looks good quality even though it came in a "packaging" too simple

Millie Emard

מצוין. הדביק לי את הכבל של החשמל למזנון

Toney Doyle

Fast delivery about three weeks. It's all right. I haven't used it yet. I did not communicate with the seller.