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Automatic Fishing Rod Holder

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Automatic Fishing Rod Holder

  • The base of the rod is made of high quality stainless steel, stamped and integrated, and is durable.
  • 9.8 inch long tapered shape drill rod construction easily goes into mud, sand, rock cracks and stands sturdy and strong, will not spin.
  • The front bracket of the bracket is made of soft rubber and is non-slip.
  • Set your rods off the ground and wait for bite, fish in ease and relax. Be able to withstand maximum tension to 110 pounds.

How to use

  1. Pull the handle down G
  2. Get down the screws into the card slot
  3. Get down the screws into the card slot G fishing road onto the bracket and fix it with rubber strap, with the rod in your shand and press down until it locks automatically (You will hear a "click" sound.)
  4. Tighten the fishing line, hang it on the trigger. Pull the fishing line after a fish bites the hook, trigger the mechanism, the fishing rod will automatically bounce. A
  5. djustable rubber strap according to the size of the fishing pole.



  • The bank fishing rod holder is required to be tested with fishing pole. Please operate this fishing rod holder referring to the instruction.
  • Can not touch the spring area when the holder is working. It's dangerous. Please place it out of the reach of children.


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Customer Reviews

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Forrest Nitzsche


Lincoln Kub

As in pictures just looks excellent thank you

Alfred Barrows

Just like in the picture thanks to the seller

Kaci Morar

Automatic Fishing Rod Holder

Alejandra Stoltenberg

Great... Two springs this is powerful, depends on your fishing rod... One jamb, to fix it on the platoon, you need some other object to put the check box on the retainer... And yes, the red winding was cut, I had to throw it away and roll the isotape for the future... 3 position is on the force of traction.