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Contour Gauge

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Contour gauge

  • Cutting flooring or siding to fit around curved surfaces can be tricky, especially if you don’t have the right tool. In this case, what you need is a VIRIDI contour gauge.
  • Locking contour gauge can be used by flooring installers when there is a need to perform a complex cut to the edge of a ceramic or porcelain tile, or to a sheet of linoleum, so that it will mate against a complex surface
  • Floor designers commonly use this contour duplication gauge to allow them to make a perfect fit for the laminate or vinyl flooring. This locking contour gauge will make their works neat and precise with ease



  • Simple tracing of complex contours
  • Tracer pin down to 0.05in
  • Measuring depth 3.15in
  • Slimline design for all shapes
  • With millimetre and inch scales


  • 1 X 10‘’ contour gauge
  • 1 X 6'' contour gauge 
  • 1 X 5'' contour gauge 


contour gauge

contour gauge

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Vida Ledner

Perfect great product recommend

Kirk Strosin

The photo looks much better. Made of not the most high-quality plastic. Very tight walk lamelie. The goods from the category "for their price fire", but I would better pay 500R and took something better. It is better to take with a separate clip of lamels, as these are very tight, but its task performs.

Elmira Haley

Loved, like the picture, will serve me too!!!! Arrived very early

Chadrick Thompson

Contour Gauge

Clovis Simonis

Good mould! Quickly and neatly supplied.